Hello, I am Craig Shelby, founder of First Response Home Watch.

I started my first business, a lawn care & landscaping company, and it grew to 150 clients. I sold the lawn care business in 2014 in order to relocate to Lee County Florida and start a new career path. It was here that I realized my true calling to help serve and protect the community in which I live as a firefighter.

As a firefighter in Lee county going into residents homes both vacant and occupied to help out, I soon realized the number of people who were seasonal residents in the area and was needing help while away from their seasonal residents. That sparked the idea for me to start a home watch and concierge service.

A home watch concierge service seemed like the perfect fit given my background in property services, customer service, and civil servant work .

My promise to my clients is to provide a reliable, honest, trustworthy service. I take my business serious I am insured and bonded as well as a member of the Florida Home Watch Association.

Please feel free to contact me to see what I can do for you I am here to help.